University of Hamburg
Applied causal inference (PhD seminar, autumn 22, summer 24)
Political violence (MA course, summer 22/23)
International Political Economy - Global Order (MA course, summer 22/23/24)
Global health politics (BA course, autumn 21/22/23)
Ethnic politics (BA course, autumn 21/22)
Politics of infectious diseases (BA course, summer 22)

Hertie School
Statistics II / Causal inference (MPP/MPI course, summer 20)

Free University of Berlin
Historical political economy (BA course, summer 20)

University of Bamberg
Historical political legacies (MA course, summer 19)
Ethnic politics (BA course, summer 18)

European University Institute
Collective action (February 18)
The violent origins of trustworthiness (February 15)
Intergroup competition and public goods (October 13)

Perm University, Summer School
GIS for social science research (July 14)

Yerevan State University
European migration policy (MA course, summer 12)
International human rights (MA course, autumn 12)